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Weight Lifting Bench The Importance Of The Athlete
May 31, 2017

From the appearance point of view, the weight of the floor used in the floor and the general wood floor is basically no difference, the color was pale yellow, but the difference is that the surface of the Weight Lifting Bench with a layer of solid overall plastic - the upper half of the table is 10 cm Thick plastic, shop on a 20 cm thick wooden floor, wood flooring is made of hardwood made of hard wood mixed material, this site will not be too hard, flexibility is also just when the huge barbell down When the overall strength of the plastic, the damage to the following wood floor is very small, generally able to withstand more than 200 kg impact. Of course, the cost of this floor is also a lot of money! Generally only in the playground will choose to shop such a floor.

 In our daily life, the thickness of the home wood flooring will not exceed 2 cm, that is, regardless of the thickness of the plastic, the Weight Lifting Bench used wood floor than the wood floor is much more than 10 times!

Let's start with a simple equation: power = strength x speed. Everything we do in life, both inside and outside the gym and inside the stadium, involves power equations. The first person who ran to the end of the highest power. The person with the largest number of push-ups in one minute has the highest power. If your grandfather had spent two minutes before taking a step, now, after a period of exercise, he could finish the steps in a minute, and we could say that the power he had made was increased.

You are likely not to think that these things are related to "power". Because there is no explosive action, such as your sprint or a single limit in the bench, or when the grandfather decided to step across the three steps to see. So to keep you confused, I want to make it clear that everything you do in the gym can improve your ability to build power. The goal of weightlifting is to develop explosive power.

In my opinion, everyone can benefit from some explosive training. You do not have to choose weightlifting, but you can also choose weightlifting. The goal is to teach your body to turn the ground from the ground to the fingertips, and to achieve this with better results and higher efficiency.

If your intervertebral disc or facet (bone structure on the outer edge of the vertebrae, to prevent the occurrence of injury to the spine) have problems, without the doctor allowed, should not practice weightlifting.

In the initial action of the trunk bending and weight, it may bring danger to the disc. Those who are injured (usually from arthritis, trauma, long-term wear),Weight Lifting Bench in the end of each weightlifting action, the trunk stretched, there may be trouble. (Small test: if you can move back to the waist height, do not feel pain or discomfort, your facet may be no problem.

Even if your intervertebral disc and facet have problems, you may not feel pain when you practice weight lifting. But that does not mean you can practice weightlifting, nor does it mean that these training can give you greater results than the less risky training moves.

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