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Weight Lifting Bench Can Play A Buffer Role
Aug 14, 2017

In the weightlifting competition, the audience to see a few hundred pounds of barbell hit the weightWeight Lifting Bench but nothing, want to know what it is to do the material. Lifting tables can be made of wood, plastic or other sturdy materials. The size of the Olympic Games weightWeight Lifting Bench is 4 m × 4 m, by 10 4 m × 0.4 m solid wood board composition, the thickness is 10 cm. In addition, the outer edge of the barbell rubber skin, but also play a role in the buffer.

Race weight table weight of about 1600 kg, the price of about 40,000 yuan. And for the weight of the specific materials, involving trade secrets, manufacturers confidential, but can only say that it is authentic wood.

Weightlifting competitions must be carried out on the weight platform. Lifting tables can be made of wood, plastic or other sturdy materials. The tabletop shall not be coated with a lubricated coating. Table 4 square meters, 8 to 15 cm high, the table around to be painted 5 cm wide color bright color lines. The weight of the referee system requires three white lights, three red and one buzzer. Match referee 3, respectively,Weight Lifting Bench the left side of the referee, the right referee and the middle of the referee. 3 referees in the hands of the control of a white light and a red light. Judgment from three different angles. 3 white lights for success; 3 red lights for failure. Such as 2 white 1 red or 2 red 1 white, it would be a few to obey the majority, the former is still successful,Weight Lifting Bench the latter is a failure. Put down the barbell is in more than two referees after the signal can be carried out. Weightlifting game play order more complex, usually with a computer to schedule, both quickly and accurately.

Weightlifters to complete two weightlifting moves: snatch and clean and jerk. In the snatch game, asked the players straight arms, with a continuous action will be over the head of the barbell. In the clean and jerk,Weight Lifting Bench the players need to first barbell placed on the shoulders, the body upright, and then the barbell over his head. Athletes have to wait until the referee to determine the firm after the results can be considered effective.

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