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Teaches You How To Break The Balance Of The Car
Sep 20, 2016

1, how to turn on?
Balance the power button at the side of the pedal, when power is needed, just click on the power button, after listening to the car quote can be normal after an English riding.
2, how to connect the Bluetooth?
First, power balance, will be broadcast in English (Bluetooth is ready, you can connect to), then open the Bluetooth search can search a string in English (balanced coding) Bluetooth devices, direct connection when the connection is successful will be broadcast in English (successful) you can use the Bluetooth audio.
3, why do little children stepping on balancing the car would shake?
Because the balance inside the car is equipped with automatic weighing sensors, are shaking when the riders weight is lower than 20KG, but according to the weight limit cycling speed to ensure rider safety, so when kids stand up shake.
4 and a balanced car lights red light is going on?
Balance car pedal Middle has two a led, a is State led, another is battery led, dang battery lamp green flashing Shi, description car fast didn't electric, need charging; Dang battery lamp bright red Shi, said car has didn't electric and must charging, if this when continues to using car, suddenly power words will very dangerous; Dang State indicates lamp bright up car also cannot using, may is system disorder, need recovery system.

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