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Stretch Exercise Machine Slim And Beautiful Stature Also Has A Very Good Effect
Jun 13, 2017

Stretch Exercise Machine Stretch movement to the bones, muscles back to the correct position in order to make the body function better. To maintain a correct attitude not only let the body is not easy fatigue, breathing will become natural smooth, the body cycle and basal metabolism will change for the better. With the body naturally remember what is the United States, for the practice of slim and beautiful stature also has a very good effect.

Before doing exercise, posture is important

Asians are more developed on the front side of the body. Daily life is easy to shrink the body. This is the reason why tightening muscles make you look fat. Abdomen and thighs are the same, if you can not let go of the body to exercise the muscles, then only more fat than before,Stretch Exercise Machine to stretch the back of the body muscles, it will find it difficult. Therefore, it is important to change these bad postures and consciously stretch the muscles. Let's start below.

First, first check your stature condition

1. body flexion: can not touch the floor for the red signal

If the fingers can not touch the floor between the words, indicating that the lack of flexibility of the body. If you want to be confident of the beautiful body, the flexibility of the abdomen is indispensable. But do not worry, this simple action allows you to restore flexibility, naturally shaping the body curve, so that the abdomen becomes flat, waist thinning.

2. neck to the side: you can easily turn more than 70 degrees pass

The neck gently to the side of the rotation, the neck can easily move within the scope of action, that is, the neck can be rotated over 70 degrees ideal. When you turn, keep the correct posture standing straight and turn. Note that if the face is not natural to move forward when the forward, bent back, lit up the shoulder, then did not turn 70 degrees before the straight action. Adjust the good posture, straight waist stand good, keep the rise of the state to do it right.

3. arm straight up: arm position in the back of the ear for the pass

Hands up straight, but the position of the hand can only be stopped before the ears than the people, the scope of the activities of the shoulder is smaller. If the abdomen is tightened and tightened, the shoulders are raised and protruding forward, so the hand can not reach the ear position. This is also a feature of the wrong posture. This action can soothe the tight belly, so that posture to the United States.

Second, shaping the waist, breast, hip

Body flexion, fingers can not touch the floor of the people, indicating that the abdomen of the diaphragm shrink hardened. A good stretch of the abdomen of the diaphragm, let the abdominal muscles become flexible. Pay attention to the body stretched up and down, chest, buttocks up to lift,Stretch Exercise Machine dorsal bone to form an English letter "S" shape. Finally, lumbar vertebrae to complete the completion of this action. The trick is to stretch the legs to close together, fast and tighten your legs.

Third, shape the waist line, improve the O-type legs

Stretch the large lumbar tendons located deep in the body. The large lumbar muscle located deep in the abdomen is the only muscle that connects the upper body and the lower body. By reversing the large lumbar muscle, you can strengthen the body to support the foundation,Stretch Exercise Machine so that the stature more beautiful. Stretching the abdomen muscles, upper and lower body to the outer side of the reverse. For the shape of slim waist and improve the O-type legs have a very good effect.

Fourth, face-lift

Is it uncomfortable to face the computer every day? Bent back, raised his shoulders, neck protruding forward. These are very bad posture. But also lead to shoulder pain, neck stiffness, headache reasons. Sitting, straight back, turn the neck. Looked up and chest, open the chest to breathe. And in the rotation of the neck while consciously pulling the sternocleidomastoid muscle. This can adjust the posture,Stretch Exercise Machine to achieve the role of face-lift beauty neck. But also can eliminate fatigue, improve your work efficiency. Practice twice a night to make it a habit of life

The action is simple, but it is important to practice every day with the right posture. Shaping the slim body shape, can give a good impression. Able to adhere to and thin down the experience that "the size of the clothes smaller", "the swelling of the legs also eliminated", "sleep also changed." So that the body will naturally be conducive to weight loss action into the body of the memory, so practice will be more relaxed. To make the diaphragm of the abdomen becomes soft, it is necessary to practice twice a day, let the action become a habit.

Comparison of practitioners before and after

"At first, because the body is very stiff and very upset,Stretch Exercise Machine do flexion before the fingers fingertips far from the floor, slowly practice up, the diaphragm is soft.

Most of the people walking on the street, their walking posture are not correct. If people can be as long as the movement can become thin, that is wrong. Just walking the posture is not correct, do not need long muscle parts, that part of the muscles will be developed. The body looks like it will not be symmetrical. So in front has been stressed that when walking to stand straight back,Stretch Exercise Machine looked up and down. This seems simple, but let it become a habit of everyone in the usual time to pay more attention.

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