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Sit Up Bench A Variety Of Interesting And Functional
Oct 10, 2017

Sitting is the most common behavior, about ' sitting ' design, we intuitively think about the design of the seat, which is very easy to enter the mindset,Sit Up Bench so there are too many not conform to the spirit of the design. In fact will sit and chair as two verbs understand, will appear too many wonderful design, you believe, look at the following design will make you feel incredible!

The garden not only has the esthetic sense to give the actual experience feeling is the successful design. Garden landscape Design in the stool can provide people with rest, chatting public facilities, sit stool set the location to be combined with the actual surrounding space to consider,Sit Up Bench so that the garden environment can produce a variety of interesting and functional.

The seat is the most basic and most important part of the outdoor environment, is a functional landscape sketch, mainly can provide us with rest space, but also embellishment surrounding environment. With the humanized design concept, the design of landscape seats should not only meet the needs of environmental design, but also consider the aesthetics and coordination of the seats.

Classification by Material:

Wood frame stool: comfortable touch, but not wear-resistant and easy to old

Steel Structure bench: durable but poor heat

Stone Stool: Hard durable, poor decorative effect but sedentary easy to produce discomfort

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