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How To Choose Electric Balance Car-the Three Indicators
Sep 20, 2016

First wheel size BMX is the biggest advantage without disrupting the surrounding environment. Body and shoulders the same width, as long as the people get by, cars can pass, and I have tried, on the elevator when big wheel to go freight elevators, passenger ferry can go, because that area is the location of a person. If it's crowded streets and shopping district, BMX is relatively flexible, nor overwhelm others feet, more suitable for personal home use.
Again, in the United States. This internal structure the general public has not read it? how choose? small tell you two, one is a flat car, upright on the ground, then car shaking not tremble? if shaken, explains the core elements of inertial navigation system was not precise enough, it's easy to look at. Second trick is to put it at about 15 degrees slope, look different, high or low state. If we can move, then drive and sensing system is stable, you can buy with confidence. Can use this trick or two, it would have to be professionals. So many cars, shape looks similar, is much worse.
The last point is security. This must not be vague, I have seen many children, safety is too important. From wheels to start, some of the wheels exposed, very domineering, but a little dangerous, after all, tell the spinning wheel is very deadly.

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