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Five Of The Country's Most Corrupt In Asia: India Topped,Vietnam Row The Second .
Mar 20, 2017

Five of the country's most corrupt in Asia: India topped,Vietnam row the second .

According to the "Forbes" magazine, from the president of the Republic of Korea to the Malaysia scandal "horse development" corruption case, and not many Asian countries to avoid corruption tainted. But how serious is the problem of corruption in the Asia Pacific region?

Global civil society against corruption, Transparency International, up to 18 months of investigation, in the fight against corruption, the Asian countries still have a lot of work to do. The survey covers 16 countries and regions in the Asia Pacific region, with more than 20000 respondents. The study found that in the Asia Pacific region, at least one person in four people in the use of public services is bribery.

Although the statistics point to the entire Asia Pacific region, the data from individual countries have reached incredible levels, indicating that corruption has been ingrained in everyday life in these countries.

Transparency International points out that, according to the rate of bribery, the following are the five most corrupt countries in asia:

5 Burma: 40% bribery rate

Although the anti corruption act was enacted in 2013, about half of Burma respondents believe that most or all of the police stations are corrupt; 40% of respondents believe that the judiciary is corrupt. But the situation may be improving - at least in the eyes of the people of Burma. Less than 1/4 of respondents believe that corruption has worsened in the past year in Burma.

4 Pakistan: 40% bribery rate

In Pakistan, about 3/4 of respondents believe that the vast majority or all police stations are corrupt. Nearly 70% of people who deal with the police or the courts have to pay bribes. Unfortunately, people think that the situation has not changed - only 1/3 think that ordinary people can make things change.

3 Thailand: 41% bribery rate

Corruption is a serious problem in Thailand, with corruption at all levels, including government officials, that the Thailand government had to tighten the anti corruption act in 2015. However, the Thai people seem very optimistic. Only 14% of respondents believe that corruption has worsened in the past 12 months, nearly 72% of respondents believe that the government is quite or very good fight against corruption.

2 Vietnam: 65% bribery rate

Vietnam believes that corruption is endemic. Among the 16 countries surveyed by Transparency International, the Vietnamese (and Malaysia) were the least likely to be optimistic about the domestic situation. About 60% of respondents believe that the government in the fight against corruption is not good.

1 India: 69% bribery rate

More than half of the five departments in the public service sector, including schools, hospitals, identity cards, police and public services, have to pay bribes to the six. However, the fight against corruption in India's prime minister Modi has achieved results: 53% of the respondents believe that on the issue of corruption, modi quite or very good. 63% of respondents believe that ordinary people can make things change. (Mi Na)

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