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Fitness Equipment Market Will Continue To Heat Up
Mar 18, 2017

"The State Council 's" 46 "after the release of the national fitness campaign carried out extensively, more people take the initiative to participate in fitness activities, which has played a very important role in the development of fitness equipment industry. The next few years, the entire fitness equipment market will continue to heat up." Peng Chong, general manager of Shanghai Dana Exhibition Service Co., ltd..

Peng Chong introduction, fitness equipment market hot degree from the just concluded IWF China (Shanghai) International Fitness and sports and Leisure Exhibition can be seen, the exhibition area of 35000 square meters, an increase of nearly 10000 square meters more than last year, participating brands more than and 300, attendance reached 24613, compared to annual growth of about 50%.

"In recent years, the number of exhibitors and booth area fair exhibition every year fitness with 10% to 20% of the rate increase." China Fair Exhibition official, Chinese fitness fitness sports goods industry association Specialized Committee that the Secretary General Sun Li, the fitness industry has been on the rise, many manufacturers have said in recent years, sales have been steadily increasing, and many of the original foreign trade enterprises to domestic sales, domestic market becomes more and more prosperous, "fitness craze" just talk, but practical performance in the industrial scale and incremental."

Premier Li Keqiang said during the two sessions in recent years, by 2020, China's resident population urbanization rate reached 60%, household population urbanization rate reached 45%. Along with the city to accelerate the process, people will pay more attention to health problems, the future of the fitness equipment industry will show a growth spurt, only the time critical point will appear in 2017 or 18 years, not known." Cui Kankan, who is the head of news and communication in China and the sporting goods industry.

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