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Fell In Love With A Balance Of Reason
Sep 20, 2016

Reason one:
Operation is simple, safe and fast. Balance car works is that when the user leans forward when, the system will automatically detect and accurately drive the wheels forward, to balance when the center when, the wheels rearward movement, knob is used to control the direction of the car. The operation is very simple, star he Jie had pretty big itch during pregnancy, playing after a coach, Assistant Master of the Church.
Reason two:
Green travel, protection of the environment. Protection of the environment is our educated from an early age, but in recent years, fog sweeping China, smog appears frequently throughout the country, it not only affects people's lives, but also seriously affect our travel, more importantly smog has caused irreparable harm to people's physical health. "Changing the living environment, implement the low carbon travel" more and more attention and needs. And balanced car is powered by electricity, absolutely zero-emission and pollution-free. Using balanced car, and environmental protection into our lives.
Three reasons:
Rejected congestion, travel free. With the increase of urban population and urban traffic flow, traffic problems become a focal point of the city, poor road network, traffic jams, traffic, parking and other issues has become increasingly prominent, this caused a lot of trouble to our life. Balancing small car convenience, kept simple, no parking, do not find parking; subways, buses can take; nor the traffic jam again; no longer have to go back to "traffic jams force" team, make your trip more convenient, more cool.

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