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Enjoy The Charm Of Spring
Mar 25, 2017

From today, Hangzhou will usher in the four or five day of the bright spring days of good weather. Saturday overcast to cloudy, temperature 7-16 degrees C; Sunday sunny, temperature 6-19 degrees C.

Two-day weekend accompanied by the sun, the temperature is also very suitable, it is outing, flowers, kite flying season.

The Tang Dynasty poet Du Fu has written a poem: "the Yellow River Front Wing Chun Shita East, spring breeze was trapped leaning. Peach blossom clusters without opening, lovely dark red love pink." The spring breeze blows, many flowers are blossoming with warm sunshine

Rape flowers bloom, peach blossom is also very delicate and charming, there may be time to walk around West Lake, see water waves, smell the fragrance of plants and grass, enjoy the charm of spring.

In addition, Qingming approaching, now it is the time of picking Mingqian tea, if you think West Lake is too busy, can go to manjuelong, Meijiawu, a pot of fragrant sweet Longjing, is also a good choice.


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