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Dumbbell Bench To Ensure Stability, Strong
Jun 13, 2017

There are several points to buy a Dumbbell Bench, which we have to pay attention to. We know that dumbbells are novice training necessary equipment, and with the matching is the Dumbbell Bench, because the dumbbell a lot of action must rely on Dumbbell Bench to complete, then the Dumbbell Bench for us is also a necessary device The How to choose the Dumbbell Bench is a very important thing, we do not want too expensive and certainly do not want to spend money to buy a defective, here to teach you how to buy Dumbbell Bench.

Workmanship Dumbbells of the structure and production of the most important material, we must ensure that stability, strong, some stool function is very fancy, but very awake to use, and then there is the stool of the leather to be thick, or how long it will appear to crack , The phenomenon of falling off.

2. Use the comfort. The height of the stool must be appropriate to ensure that you do bench press, will not feel too high, do dumbbell boating, will not feel too short, in general, 50 cm height is more appropriate,Dumbbell Bench there is stool Must be long enough, or have to be out of the waist below, so very uncomfortable.

3. Functional diversity. Function do not pursue too much, but I suggest you can adjust the bench can be adjusted, back to be able to tune into 30 degrees and close to the vertical angle,Dumbbell Bench so that you can carry out the recumbent push and dumbbell recommendation, pay attention to the chair part also Can be adjusted Caixing, do oblique push when the need to tilt, or will continue to slide down.

Now that I think the order and method of fitness, here is also stressed that most people just started the concept of fitness error, fitness is not the greater the better weight, but should be the more appropriate action the more standard. Or no use, and is likely to practice injury, we are an age, and recovery will be very slow. =

I think the fitness should be the first big muscle after the small muscle group, in general, large muscles need small muscle groups to support the general small muscle groups are not strong enough, such as someone clearly practicing chest and arm pressure is not big, that is, Muscle is not enough to help the chest, chest muscle is not in place, other small partners have to die. So if the above situation is purely normal,Dumbbell Bench try to use their own small load like.

There are exercise frequency, the human muscle recovery cycle is generally 48 hours, so a place after exercise within three days are not going to exercise, the muscles are long when the rest of the time. However, abdominal muscle is an exception, abdominal muscle can be practiced every day So you should arrange a sports plan, such as the first practice of the chest, shoulder deltoid muscle, and triceps (this brother is working together), the next day can practice brains two, the third day practice back And the legs of what,Dumbbell Bench until the fourth day of the chest and his little partner to resume a good practice, so the cycle, more efficient. I then popular science and muscle growth and the principle of growth, in fact, exercise is to destroy the muscles to the principle is to let the muscles run high,Dumbbell Bench anaerobic exercise to release a lot of lactic acid and muscle fibers pulled off, so after exercise is certainly pain and acid , But after this stimulation, the body will feel that they do not adapt to the external environment, and will force the muscles to repair and longer more powerful. This is why three days can not practice the same place for the reason, to give enough muscle recovery time.

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