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Dumbbell Bench Must Be Strong, Stable Function And More
Jul 13, 2017

Dumbbell Bench, fitness aids. Commonly used in auxiliary dumbbells to complete some of the necessary fitness moves, such as: oblique dumbbell lying on the push, under the inclined dumbbell lying down, flat dumbbell birds and so on. This kind of targeted fitness action, if not in the absence of a Dumbbell Bench, is unable to complete, but also because of the function of the Dumbbell Bench, hence the name.

Unlike conventional stools, the dumbbells are adjustable to meet the different sizes of people who can complete the exercise.

How to choose a Dumbbell Bench


Dumbbell Bench structure and production of the most important material, must be strong, stable, and some stool function, but with the Akira, stool leather to be thick, or how long will not appear to crack, shedding phenomenon.


Stool height must be appropriate, to ensure that the comfort of doing bench press, do dumbbell boating, will not feel too short, generally about 50 cm height is appropriate, there is a stool must be long enough, or have to waist The following stuck out, very uncomfortable.


Function not to pursue too much, it is recommended to buy an adjustable bench, back to be able to tune into 30 degrees and close to the vertical angle, so that you can carry on the recumbent push and dumbbell recommendation, pay attention to the chair part can also be adjusted On the ramp when the election, need to tilt up.

Exercise mode

Chest exercise: dumbbell lying down, dumbbell on the recumbent push, dumbbell under the recumbent push, dumbbell birds, dumbbells oblique birds, dumbbells down the birds.

Back exercise: single dumbbell boating, prone to come forward.

Shoulder exercise: sitting dumbbells recommended, side of the arm dumbbell side of the flat lift.

Arm exercise: sitting arm bent, supine dumbbell arm flexion and extension, sitting dumbbell neck arm flexion and extension.

Legs exercise: sitting dumbbells rub rub.

Abdominal exercise: sit-ups, calf resting sit-ups.


In the practice of protection, should not follow or hold the position of the joints, otherwise it will greatly affect the exercise effect. Dumbbell exercise when the protection is very important to a joint, practice the best time with friends to practice together. Both safe and can increase muscle stimulation, so as to achieve greater progress.

A multi-function Dumbbell Bench is provided with a socket on the arc-shaped adjusting rod. The other end of the plunger is provided with a bead. The other end of the plunger is provided with a pair of marbles, the upper part of the arc-shaped adjusting rod and the lower part of the short- And the lower part of the curved rod is inserted into the square hole in the rear of the straight beam. The connection between the short iron plate and the curved rod is provided with the movable shaft, the short cushion of the short iron plate is provided with the short cushion of the sponge. The rear end of the beam is provided with an upper tube, and a long plate is provided on the front part of the straight beam. The long iron plate is provided with a long cushion, and two regulating pieces are arranged on the front end of the straight beam. The front end of the front foot tube is provided with a plastic sleeve, and the upper part of the rear column is provided with a bracket, and a fixing hole is inserted with a mountaineering buckle, the mountaineering buckle is connected with the rubber spring, There is a plastic connection between the rubber springs. The multi-function Dumbbell Bench not only has the function of lifting the dumbbell, but also exercise abdominal, leg, back, waist, arm function, practical convenience, simple structure, low cost, long life.

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