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Dumbbell Bench Keep Its Weight Stable
May 31, 2017

This gold medal exercise method can be applied anywhere in your chest, but the place you place will affect it to finish this exercise.

Although the barbell bench press is usually considered the best manufacturer of the breast, but in fact, dumbbell lying is not worse than it, many weightlifters found that dumbbell lying better than barbell lying to produce better muscle.

Of course, in the exercise process,Dumbbell Bench for these two different weight exercise effect has different argument. But it is clear that in terms of your effort on the barbell and the dumbbells, the latter offers some benefits that the former can not offer.

Let us in-depth understanding, and analyze how to put this action into the chest exercise.

How to do better dumbbell lying down?

With a hand independent dumbbell bench press, which allows you to identify the difference between the strength of his hands. Dumbbells also have a large selection of difficulties index, it can have a wider range of exercise, and requires more muscle to keep its weight stable. If you have a shoulder pain, you will find that when you do the barbell will increase your shoulder pain, but when doing dumbbell, it will make your shoulder more freedom, or even reduce the pain.

In short, flat dumbbells may be the daily training of every bodybuilder, however, how to make your breasts perfect, depending on how you put it in the exercise position. Think about what happens at the beginning of your daily exercise,Dumbbell Benchas well as the middle of the exercise and the end of exercise?

Exercise start: target 6 times, gradually increasing the intensity

The Dumbbell Bench is a good substitute for the barbell bench press, but if you use very heavy dumbbells to do very low training or a single weight training it is also easy to become dangerous. The weighting position at the starting position is difficult, and losing control can also increase the risk of your shoulder joint injury.

As the first action, do not be afraid to use heavier dumbbells, this is to give your body a strength to stimulate. But I do not recommend your action less than 6 times. With the help of training partners, you can make weight perception lighter by repeated training and denial of failure.

Exercise middle: record your number of times and keep refueling

If you have already exercised the tilt or fall in the middle of your exercise, you can target the upper or lower chest area.

In addition, after the completion of these actions, your strength will be affected, and now should not immediately carry out strength training and low training, on the contrary, you can slowly raise the number of 8-10 times.

End of exercise: select high and decreasing groups

The end of the chest exercise to do flat boarding dumbbells is rare because it requires better stability and balance. This part of the exercise is usually concentrated in the burning and output of the muscle, which is one of the reasons why athletes tend to prefer non-free weight options.

It does not mean that it is wrong,Dumbbell Bench pick up the dumbbell, do 12 times or do the diminishing group (referring to a weight to do fatigue, then immediately down the weight to continue to do, gradually diminishing the weight and the middle of the rest of the training method)

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