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Drifting Electric Scooter Folding Is Still Convenient For Small Footprint
Nov 03, 2017

Suddenly pop up Drifting Electric Scooter, Drifting Electric Scooter with the rise of the driving industry. Driving on behalf of the past can not run, send the guests can not run home, so have such a car, usually unfold, leave when folding the trunk, go home to start again. Meet the needs of these people, there is a market. Instead of showing off the technology of crazy-cool hanging days, only the market, the crazy drag cool usually no friends ...

The first step in research and development is to understand customer needs. Understanding the real customer needs is a technical job. 10 years ago, I listened to a company owner who exported textiles to Japan and said, if anyone can provide what Japan is popular and what is missing, the annual salary of 500,000 is OK. Now a lot of this, the name of the consulting industry, is a very high salary. Be able to know exactly what the customer needs is very cow, and so everyone realizes this is a customer needs, or there is a big wave rob rice bowl, let alone the research and development, driven out of the urgent work, performance in all aspects can only be hehe. So the forecast for years after the customer needs, is quite difficult technical work.

The Drifting Electric Scooter solves the problem, so there are all kinds of Drifting Electric Scooters. With a pole to help the hand, not with a pole to help, have seen. This can solve the above two pain points, can take home, not easy to be stolen, can carry the car, get off on the ride. But without the help of the market there are 3.9kg Light Stary Drifting Electric Scooter. But this scooter, after all, is not a skateboard enthusiast, dare not to play. Wheel small, road adaptability is too poor, open a small pebble estimate can trip "dog to Poop". So I believe it won't be too much to sell, though they emphasize the lightest in the world.

This car is a good solution to the previous said customer needs, technical details and other aspects of the many problems:

1. The front wheel is large, folding is still convenient.

2. Compact after folding, small footprint, can stand.

3. Folding after the three wheels are on the ground, this is very important, I made the first two-wheeled car after the subway to take a long distance, the experience is very poor. Mainly embarrassed, standing there is always a dirty wheel in the waist position, rub the passengers are very bad, they protect easy to rub dirty clothes, others look silly to hold dirty things.

4. After folding the ground, you can drag away.

5. Can ride, now many electric skateboards are in simple chairs solution, but folding very laborious.

6 folding is more convenient without bending.

7. Strong structure, the social friends said what the rigidity, what stress concentration, what can not be buffered problems, no pedal problems

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