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Barbell Rack The Right Way To Exercise Is Important
Aug 14, 2017

Any training, standard action is particularly important. This is one of the basic qualities of bodybuilding training methods. Standard training action,Barbell Rack  can help you get started quickly, but also can help you develop good training habits, to ensure the safety of training.

And for the bodybuilding training is very important squat, the standard action you also need to understand.

Practicing the general leg strength and explosive force, which means that of course you have to do squatting, and to achieve a certain degree. Squatting This training is able to mobilize all your lower limb muscles almost every time you repeat the training. Because the barbell post squatting is a very popular training option, now you can change the squat version of the front barbell. A study shows that the posterior squat and the front squat from the perspective of multi-change to stimulate the same muscle when the back squat will give the lower spine to produce more pressure. "However, the use of front squat, you can remove the physical physiological impact on the lower half of the spine,Barbell Rack  in the training process can maintain this part of the spine naturally straight state, so you can ease a lot of training load to protect you "We can follow our professional training instructors, the next time in the gym training, according to the method of training your legs.

Hold the barbell firmly

You have to set the barbell before the attitude of training, we must firmly hold the barbell, with your shoulders and chest support the weight of training. Hold the barbell from the bottom of the barbell,Barbell Rack  note that it is covered with your fingertips, and keep your elbows in the training process.

Waist sinking, but to keep nature straight

Bend your knees, as if you were going to sit down, squat down as much as possible. The smallest squat distance should at least squat to your thigh and ground parallel level. The ultimate goal is that your hips are almost close to the grass tip position. Make sure your upper body is naturally straight during training.

To be confident in training

Keep the training process chest. Do not lean forward, of course, can not be back. Chin lifted at the same time.

Maintain the linearity and stability of the bent joints

Make sure your knees are not swaying around the training process. Similarly, when you squat to the lowest point, your knee is not too much over your toes. For the bending of the buttocks and ankle joints to follow the same linear and stability of the principle.

Solid grip

Keep your feet firmly (or fixed on) the ground, your feet should be the same width shoulder, and your feet pointing to the outside of the fingers toward the outside.

Strengthen the strength of the medial muscles of the thigh exercises, and do more in the lateral stretch, in the squat on the basis of doing point practice, gradually quadriceps muscle inside and outside the balance.

Development unit quadriceps medial, the use of deep squat or Smith frame squatting is a good choice, after familiar with, you can form the memory of the muscles. Specific actions are as follows:

Neck shoulder on the shoulder frame to remove,Barbell Rack  keep the barbell balance. The head to keep upright, knees squat to the thigh below the level, forced to stand up to the starting position.

In the squat, the thigh is below the level of the key, especially beginners, or will take the lever to do leg movements. If the beginning squatting is not low enough, after the increase in weight is easy to hurt.

Practice when the two feet away from the shoulder width, was "outside the eight-shaped", which can make the inside more force, practice more in place. Standing when the knee should not be inward or outward, so as not to take the rest of the body too much.

Barbell, buttocks, feet should not be a straight line, that barbell movement trajectory to be consistent with the longitudinal axis of the human body,Barbell Rack  perpendicular to the ground, smooth straight down. Squat and standing when the eyes always look at the front, so as not to bow or barbell center of gravity is too forward.

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