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Barbell Rack Improve The Body Strength Of The Most Effective
Jul 04, 2017

Barbell Rack squat can exercise the parts and abilities there are many, then the barbell squatting bouncing can be it? If you want to practice bounce, barbell squat should be how to do it? What is the advantage of barbell squatting? What are the ways to practice jumping? Take a look!

How to practice the bunny squatting

1, footsteps: First of all, you should be flat on the ground, feet and shoulder width. Standing under the barbell frame, knees slightly bent, the weight of the average distribution in the feet.

2, the position of the barbell: barbell should be placed on your trapezius muscle rather than the neck, his hands to the right position to seize the barbell, usually 15 cm from the shoulder distance.

3, look straight ahead: keep your back straight, bend your knees.

4, reduce the height: in their own control of the case slowly squat, so that the thigh parallel to the ground. Note: the weight should be distributed in your thighs, heels and feet, not your toes, the body should not be too behind, no you will lose balance.

5, your back should be maintained with the ground was 45 ° to 90 ° this safe range, the upper body at any stage should remain tense.

The benefit of the squat squatting

1, to improve the strength of the most effective action

People called squat strength training king, very simple, squat when the use of large muscle group up, if you consider the role of support, almost all of the skeletal muscle are involved in force. Scientists have done the same weight for many movements, using the same weight, squatting the work of the most, close to hard pull twice, bench press 5 times, while the squat can use the weight of more than hard pull, much more than bench press. So squat on the growth of body strength, the effect is much higher than other actions.

2, the growth of the whole body muscles the most effective action

Squat is a double joint action, and squat when the body secrete the most growth hormone, so the weight squat can not only promote leg muscle growth, but also promote the growth of muscle muscles. In addition, squat do more work, and other actions, not only to improve the muscle circumference, but also to improve muscle density,Barbell Rack that is, make the muscles become more sense of intensity.

What are the methods of bouncing bouncing?

After jumping deep jump:

Although this action is deep jump, but relatively speaking, the risk is much smaller, because you only need to carry out a simple jump, without the need for complex hip, with full jump to another height up.

Jump deep jump long jump high:

The risk of this action should be the deepest jump inside the series, but the corresponding effect is the most outstanding. First of all it can bring you excellent bounce force, and this jumping force is not only vertical, as well as horizontal long jump ability. But this method is easy to cause a greater impact on the knee,Barbell Rack especially when you use the rebound leveraging, the damage will be greater.

Traditional dive:

This is the most traditional deep jump training, jumping from one place, jumping to another height immediately, do not introduce.

Jump deep after jumping:

Although the risk of this to a minimum, because the long jump because of the knee by the vertical impact is not large. But it brings a problem, that is,Barbell Rack for the vertical jumping ability to improve the role is not large.

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