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Barbell Rack Develop Good Training Habits, To Ensure The Safety Of Training
Jun 22, 2017

Any training, standard action is particularly important. This is one of the basic qualities of bodybuilding training methods. Standard training action, can help you get started quickly, but also can help you develop good training habits, to ensure the safety of training.

And for the bodybuilding training is very important squat, the standard action you also need to understand.

This article, on the front Barbell Rack squatting a few points to do a certain analysis. See below.

Practicing the general leg strength and explosive force, which means that of course you have to do squatting, and to achieve a certain degree. Squat This training is able to mobilize all your lower limb muscles almost every time you repeat the training. Because the Barbell Rack post squatting is a very popular training option, now you can change the squat version of the front Barbell Rack. A study shows that the posterior squat and the front squat from the perspective of multiple changes in the same muscle to stimulate the posterior squat will give the lower spine to produce more pressure. "However, the use of front squat, you can remove the physical physiological impact on the lower half of the spine, in the training process can maintain this part of the spine naturally straight state, so you can ease a lot of training load to protect you "We can follow our professional training instructors, the next time in the gym training, according to the method of training your legs.

Hold the Barbell Rack firmly

You have to set the Barbell Rack posture training, we must firmly hold the Barbell Rack, with your shoulders and chest support the weight of training. Hold the Barbell Rack from the bottom of the Barbell Rack, note that it is covered with your fingertips, and keep your elbows in the training process.

Waist sinking, but to keep nature straight

Bend your knees, as if you were about to sit down and squat down as much as possible. The smallest squat distance should at least squat to your thigh and ground parallel level. The ultimate goal is that your hips are almost close to the grass tip position. Make sure your upper body is naturally straight during training.

Training to self-confidence chest

Keep the training process chest. Do not lean forward, of course, can not be back. The chin was lifted at the same time.

Maintain the linearity and stability of the bent joints

Make sure your knees are not swaying around the training process. Similarly, when you squat to the lowest point, your knee is not too much over your toes. For the bending of the buttocks and ankle joints to follow the same linear and stability of the principle.

Solid grip

Keep your feet firmly in (or fixed on) the ground, your feet should be the same width shoulder, and your feet pointing toward the outside of the body.

Master the brackets front bracket method

In order to properly control the Barbell Rack, the use of zombies (arm forward straight posture), you should use the arm flat bracket to adapt to this placement method. Through your body parts (mainly refers to the limbs, non-hand) to support a small force applied to your shoulder load, this method allows you to find the most supportive sense of the most effective fulcrum.

How to do: standing in front of a Barbell Rack, Barbell Rack (which can be empty bar) placed on the shelf, your arms stretched forward straight, and keep the shoulder width (this attitude is like a zombie monster) until you The shoulder touches the Barbell Rack. This is your best support. From this position, you can advance a little bit later, then bend your elbows, with your fingertips hook Barbell Rack.

Keep these muscles flexible

The way the front Barbell Rack brackets are more difficult when your wrist, latissimus dorsi and forearm are very tense. So when you warm up, you should focus on rotating your wrist and shoulder. Use a foam roller (training device) to fully stretch and roll your latissimus dorsi, or help to warm up your forearm muscles, which are helpful for training.

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