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Barbell Rack Better Exercise
May 31, 2017

See someone else has a strong muscle, is not it so that you envy it? Not hard training, biceps will never be activated! Exercise biceps muscle is the most effective way? I believe there are a lot of fitness Friends, for the training of biceps have a common feeling,bells that is when the practice of biceps swollen, but soon after practicing back to the back. Sometimes day practice, month practice, is the delay in the arm circumference growth. Then come try, the following exercise a few bars, so you easily turned the muscles!

Fortunately, all these sports exercise all your biceps muscles. In addition, they can also help you get a stronger back, triceps, shoulders and core.

How to do: feet wide shoulder, squat to the thigh and the ground parallel position, hands holding 5 to 10 kg dumbBarbell Rack naturally drooping, elbow rest in the inner thigh, palm relative. Will dumbbell curl to the chest before and after this position to maintain, and then hands bent dumbbell, continuous curl 30 to 60 seconds. If replaced by a single arm to curl, can increase the body instability, and thus exercise the core muscle group.

What effect to maintain squatting posture can promote the entire lower limb muscles and lower back muscles. This action forced the legs out, so that the gluteus maximus fully open. Elbow should try to resist the resistance inside the thigh, to prevent other muscle leveraging.

Hammer dumbbell alternately curl

In the hands of each dumbbell, standing on your arms hanging on both sides of the body, with the palm of your face facing your body. Keep the palm inward and curl up on your left hand's weight directly to your left shoulder. Squeeze in a number of hard disk biceps, and then slowly back to the starting position. Your right arm repeats this sport. Be sure to keep the wrist locked throughout the movement towards your body as a whole!

This action is also a kind of exercise your biceps biceps. First, by using a strong grip, let your two brachial muscles constant tension. Secondly, it can effectively strengthen your arm, relax the back, and even your core. Adhere to this training can make two brachialis muscle to obtain greater benefits.

Description: A box of Barbell Rack around the height of the waist. Your feet on the ground, arm stretched completely, your body should be straight from head to toe state. Put your scapula and back, make your core and put your chest open and keep your body in a straight line. Pause, and then slowly put it down until your arm is fully stretched. This is a representative.

Single arm

Use an ordinary evangelist to keep a dumbbell in your left hand holding a dumbbell. The cloak is firmly locked in your elbow and keeps the whole movement.bells Slowly curl dumbBarbell Rack in order to try and touch your left shoulder. Slowly back to the starting position, repeat the right arm.

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