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Balance Daily Maintenance And Care
Sep 20, 2016

1. balance without use of the wheel of the car, during routine maintenance should be carried out aimed at wheels on proper inspection and maintenance. Especially the component parts of the tire should not regularly use hands to feel its firmness, by shaking along the tire axis direction, if the tire components also shaking the parts appear loose.
2. the balance in case of not using the car, must be placed in a dry and ventilated place, not placed in a damp and unventilated place, placed in a damp place for a long time can lead to the main control board, immerse the battery and cause some trouble.
3. balanced vehicle in use for some time, suggested to the after-sales service center for maintenance, repair, do a full inspection, testing machine for some aging parts, damage. Proposed new replacement parts to keep the balance of security and stability.
4. electric balance car charger usually has individual needs, when in doubt, don't replace the charger. Replace other chargers will not only reduce the car's outside security, would also reduce the life of the battery.

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