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4 Wheels Electric Scooterb Electric Scooter
Jul 04, 2017

Speaking of 4 Wheels Electric Scooterb, the last three years of the popular situation is 13 years of popular two-wheel self-balancing car, 14 years of popular single-wheel self-balancing car, this year's popular 4 Wheels Electric Scooterb.

The first two, because inverted pendulum, it seems tall, just when the city can sell tens of thousands or even tens of thousands. And other control technology was rotten after the cottage, I have seen 690 dollars a single self-balancing car. A start of the company, selling fire monthly sales of 4,000, sales can not be described, but now the market how much to play? Seemingly not much.

Then the first step in research and development is to understand the needs of customers first. Knowing the real customer needs is a technical job. 10 years ago, I have heard a Japanese company on the export of textiles, said the boss, if anyone can provide what is popular in Japan every year, what kind of goods, then the annual salary of 500,000 is possible. Now a lot of dry this, called the consulting industry, is a very high salary. To be able to accurately know that customer demand is very cattle, and so everyone is aware that this is a customer demand, or a big wave of grab rice bowl, not to mention the development, out of the urgent work, the performance of all aspects of only Oh. Then predict the customer needs for many years, is quite difficult technical work. Many companies rise, a lot of companies which hang up.

Therefore, in large enterprises, high-level engineers must have a long enough strategic vision. How about such a person's salary? Company pay secrets, but look at them to buy more expensive than the Audi A6L car, always guess it. Then the customer's requirements are defined as engineering requirements. Ford, who invented the pipeline, once said that if you ask customers what they want, customers will say they want a faster horse. Customers can only see the traditional solution, the next few years how to play, engineers should be translated through the professional level, the original customer to the long distance, fast moving. Then the car of course, than the horse strong, the future to do is the car, rather than cultivate sweat BMW.

Project requirements may just start to say a few points in a general way, and these points are likely to be all know the industry. Such as how the car ran faster, go farther, sit more comfortable. This requires further refinement and analysis of the requirements of the research subsystem. Such as how to improve the wheel speed, let the car run faster; how to improve the mechanical efficiency, let the car run farther; how to do the suspension system, so sit more comfortable. Listen to these, according to a reasonable experience, you can list a plan, 5 years later, the engine to make what look; drive system and shape to make what look; suspension and seat to make what looks like.

1. Although the electric car shuttle freely, but the high price of electric cars, often become the object of thieves start. I have lost in Beijing, six large and small all kinds of bicycles, electric car target large, heavy, can not carry home, more easily lost.

2. electric car can not be on the bus subway, it is very important. In Beijing, the bus metro developed, but 2 km to 5 km, is the most embarrassing distance. This distance, walk over time, drive to find parking spaces trouble, such as bus can not point to point cut is also time-consuming flexibility is poor. Take the subway, go to the subway and from the subway often face the above 2 to 5 km embarrassing.

Based on the above shortcomings, the basic can be summed up a few needs, and now popular called "pain point."

4 Wheels Electric Scooterb to solve this problem, so do all kinds of 4 Wheels Electric Scooterbs. With the pole to help the handle, without the pole to help, have seen friends. This can solve the above two pain points, can take home, not easy to be stolen, can carry on the car, get off to ride. But without help, the market has to do 3.9kg light stary 4 Wheels Electric Scooterb. But this scooter, after all, is not a skateboard enthusiasts, dare not play. Wheel small, poor road adaptability, open a small stone is estimated to be able to trip "dog feces." So I believe will not be too big to sell, even though they emphasize the world's lightest.

With help, see more, we copy me, I copied you, to solve the solution, are in the settlement of the contradiction between the way and the size of the front wheel. Play this, if the front wheel is not big enough, on the road speed up, it is easy to be trivial and stairs trip, the same "dog feces." The front wheel is big enough, the folding is not easy to handle, the size is too large, the size of the inexplicable large, on such a large size, pull the bus subway, the crew will let you call extra car money, already squeeze, how other passengers see The Now Taobao, Jingdong hot, almost did not escape this circle.

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