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Merits electric scooter and maintenance
Sep 20, 2016

Electric Scooter features:
Skateboarding has fissile resistance, resistance to deformation, cold-resistant, wear-resistant characteristics, strengthen aluminum alloy frame and base, easy to break, Skate beautifully printed with colored patterns on the surface. Skateboard reliable body twisted forward, without feet slip, you can do all kinds of fancy moves, with the twist motion, can achieve significant slimming effect, can enhance the ability to balance personal recreational fitness activities.
Electric Scooter maintenance
Lead-acid batteries used for electric scooter longevity daily maintenance that has a great relationship with the user, generally speaking, should pay attention to the following points:
1, ad-filled habit, the State of battery to keep the foot.
2, according to length of trip decides to charge, control in 4-12 hours, when no longer charging.
3, battery place for a long time, first charge, add on a monthly basis.
4, at the time of starting and going up the Hill, opposite the pedal power.
5, charged with supporting the Chargers, placed in a cool place, avoiding high temperature and humidity, do not allow water to enter the charger to prevent electric shock.

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