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Electric vehicles when used to pay attention to what
Sep 21, 2016

At the time of our use of electric vehicles, you should pay attention to the entire process well in advance to check if we can really check before use, so that you can avoid unexpected situations during the using process. Before using simple check, if abnormal sound, may have been inside some problems at this time, we found these problems in a timely manner and handle these things in a timely manner, so as to guarantee better use in the future.
In using electric of process in the to note security, best is security driving, in speed Shang don't had fast, in winter of when avoid anti-wear clothes, such bound live you of hands, for we General Shang of using for is has best of guarantees, or once appeared accident of situation, we of hand is was bound live of, this when on life health Shang will caused compared big of threat has.
These are electric vehicles in use, you must pay attention to things when you are really after this notice, you will be able to guarantee better use in the future. Itself fully to all aspects of after the notes, you'll find general use and safety are the maximum protection.

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