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Electric scooters are in hot pursuit of modern youth
Sep 21, 2016

Electric Scooter has been introduced into China, but prices were too high, few people interested in it. Until recently, its price suddenly decline, coupled with production house were crazy about it to intensify its marketing to make it "big Wang" skateboarding is the most important vehicle must have a high level of savvy and guts, this is in line with imaginative, tastes of teenagers who likes challenges, Scooter has become the trend of the new generation of adolescents sports products. Obviously, its charm can be comparable to skateboard!
Electric Skateboard car is modern youth very like of tool, can two feet clip live Hou round, hands hold front, forced hanging up front, yihou round for gravity, in air rotating two circle, badly of can turned to three circle; or clip live front wheel, yiqian round for gravity, Alice up Hou round rotating two circle, if you will this trick, proved you has reached has "perfection" of realm has.
Reminder that electric scooters must have some sense of balance and good health, too weak and too young children the best early exposure to the sport.

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