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Analysis of children playing scooter how to avoid injury
Sep 21, 2016

Children play electric scooters are always a few bumps, playing before children skateboard, MOM and dad to tell children playing scooter safety tips, such as body to lean forward, slightly bent over, lowering the center of gravity, and don't slide so fast, and so on. Meanwhile, MOM and dad to buy scooters to try to go to the regular store, have qualified in the relevant sector clear evidence, not freeloaders, some poor quality scooters more likely to endanger the child's life.

Exercises before skating, parents should let their kids to warm up, especially wrist and lower extremity joints and ligaments, as well as open. Children must be allowed to wear some protective equipment, such as roller skating special wristbands, elbow pads, knee pads and helmets, and so on. In addition, parents have to keep an eye out and help them check the pulley screws and fastening of skateboard parts are fastened to avoid skiing injury resulted from a pulley problem.
In addition parents do well the responsibility of guardianship, for beginners as in populated places to practice, not to any slide. Particularly in crowded public skating war jump jumping, chasing, and so on, this is to prevent others, and prone to dangerous things.

Learn to skateboard wrestling is inevitable, that's most likely to fall part. Pu Zhichao introduction, parents have to teach their children to learn wrestling master wrestling injuries to a minimum.

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