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A few reasons to choose lithium battery Scooter
Sep 21, 2016

1. energy saving and environmental protection
1 l petrol nearly 8, 1 kWh electricity industry also only 1 block. A litre of oil after about 12KM, but electric scooter full charge takes only 2 bucks to run 35KM. Only a good grasp of the throttle, to better open source. Boss would prefer people with this consciousness.
2. to avoid exhaust gas
You might think that in urban areas by Guild inhalation of toxic gas than car drivers and passengers. A study conducted by Imperial College, London, that's not what happened. Researchers found that bus, taxi and car passengers inhaling pollution substantially exceed cyclists and pedestrians.
3. healthy living
Riding a lithium battery Scooter is one the whole family can take part in sports. Eating dinner the whole family one person from a car to a nearby park that is safe and environmentally friendly, can exercise.
In addition, your cycling habits may have growth sowing the seeds for the next Bradley Wiggins. Studies have found that there is no doubt that children can influence the selection of sport by their parents. In short, if your children see you ride a scooter, they will think that this is as it should be, and to be role models.

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